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TIFU and got scammed out of .4 BTC

This did not happen today but on Wed.
This is also a long post. I'm also typing this on my phone in a bar as I reflect on my stupidity, please excuse the multiple typos. Also (not that this will deter anybody), I know I'm a complete idiot for this, I knew/heavily suspected before, during, and after this scam that I would regret it. I'll explain my ridiculous rational later, but just know I know I'm a complete idiot for letting myself get scammed. Last, I'm not entirely sure the scam is done, best case scenario I'm mining some monero for someone. Worst case scenario, I have a backdoor or key logger installed and the rest of my crypto that I cherish is about to be emptied, if anyone can help me with that it would be much appreciated.
Yesterday I decided, even with the return to bullish sentiment in the market, that my portfolio was not offerring the same returns I saw from March to June and I needed to change that. I talked myself into gambling on a satoshimine bot that promised lifetime support, updates to algorithmic programming, and up to 1 btc a day of earnings. I knew it sounded too good to be true, but after my quick money I made from March to now in ETH I figured I was just playing with house money and if it was that easy then it was probably that easy now. It also happened to be a (yet another) time in my life that I needed money, so I went for it despite ALL the red flags.
Now let me defend myself a little here before we get to my stupidity:
Since March I have been learning as much as I can about crypto everyday. I listen to 7 plus hours of podcasts and audio books on crypto daily. I read charts, Reddit, Twitter, and immerse myself daily in all things crypto. I love the community (even after losing 1300$), and the challenge to understand and learn everything associated with crypto. I love the drama of the scaling debate, I love the possibilities of what is to come, and I love the gold rush that crypto is right now. I have read multiple times that "you are just a noob until you have been scammed or hacked" and just thought I was smarter than that...
With that having been said, greed got the best of me. It made me blind to reality. Not only did I need the money, but I love bitcoin! I do I love it! I'm a libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist. Bitcoin is my wet dream. But I've only held bull shit alts. I needed a bitcoin! I also have this thing that I will only buy bitcoin when I can afford 1 whole bitcoin. (Showing my cards here) unfortunately I'm always a couple hundred behind the bitcoin price with my alts to make the switch.
:enter stupidity and greed:
After my 300 time checking the crypto prices today on blockpholio, I decided it was time to switch to bitcoin; I needed it. But I wasn't ready to dump all my alts. Then it hit me! I remembered a post I saw on Reddit regarding a "super smart" Satoshimines bot that wouls make me 1 BTC a day!! Of course it sounded too good to be true, but it's crypto, it's the wild west, its unregulated, its a gold rush, its BITCOIN! I mean i had just 10x my investment in a few months, was this really that far fetched?
So, I watched the YouTube video, I read the comments, I did some research, I checked out who made the comments, I saw win written all over it, but I was weary of course. So, I emailed the guy to feel him out. He was great. Sold it hard, said all the right things, had all the right answers, he was good. So I went for it, 69$ for the bot. If it was a scam why would he sell it!? He would reach way more people if he was giving it away. He was there for the whole thing, in 3 hours we had like 40 emails between us. Telling me the settings for the bot, which had a simple yet nice user interface. He assured me he would help me until my win percentages were up to 99%. He assured me it has worked for so many people and he just couldn't do it too much himself because as the algorithms change on satoshimines he wouldn't be able to keep up with the updates. Like I said, I was desperate and he was good.
So now it was time to deposit my .4 btc and run this program with some money. I dumped some alts, waited nervously for the confirmations from various wallets, sold for btc, and send it over to this bitcoin minesweeper site. If you asked me a year ago if I would ever send $1300 to a website to gamble on a minesweeper game I would have laughed hysterically, even more so if you told me I would be doing it with an automated bot I purchased from an internet stranger named BTC RAIN and had a Skype and gmail account with the name Duke Mahler...
Either way, after hours of sending, selling, and testing I went for it. Let Duke know I had the BTC on the site. He told me the settings for the bot and then double checked them with me (all via email), then said hit start.....
Nothing happened, just an error on the bot. "Hey Duke I got this error did I have a setting wrong or something...?" No response... hmm let me refresh this web page and log back in.....
Fucking 0!
That was my new balance. ALL btc and hope was gone. I knew he got me. Right away. I didn't get mad, I couldn't. It was to dumb. I just told Duke, just man up and tell me I've been had, just send me one last email and rub it in, tell me I'm an idiot. His silence was killing me for some reason. I just wanted closure at this point, I don't know why, but it drove me nuts that I got no response after he got me. I was tired and embarrassed. I needed sleep, I had to work in the morning and was done. But I kept asking and waiting for a reply. I even swallowed my pride enough to compliment the guy on his scamming abilities and asked him to atleast split his (formerly mine) spoils with me. I said, "Hey man just send me half of that BTC back, send it here: removedbtcaddresssoyoualldontthinkimtrolling", but (obviously) received nothing. Not even a response..
I was defeated, embarrassed, and $1300 poorer. It sucked; refreshing my blockpholio wasn't fun anymore. I didn't want to make trades anymore, I was too afraid to fuck up and lose more money. I've read you are a crypto noob until you fuck up and send ETH to your btc wallet, or lose a private key, or fat finger a trade, or get scammed, but I've never felt like more of a noob than after this idiotic chance i took. I stepped away from the crypto world for what seemed like a long time: 3 days...
Now today, with BTC hitting 4k I had to get back in! It was all house money, you live and you learn, the BTC price isn't going to wait for me, and the FOMO is just getting worse! I know, eventually, I can trade my way to some BTC, but man if only I could have won it playing satsoshimines with a bot! Lol
Edit: here are the details of the tx that the satoshimines admin emailed to me by request.
IP Address: Amount: -0.37739599 Destination: 1HEXKiDE8LrrPcv5Ag7aXJ3JVFMXwemK5Z Timestamp: 2017-08-10 02:54:33 UTC Txid: 1b542361ba71ba1a2c8203016ff8c76e9fc94ce12c8143b242bdfcdd69772966
"Hexkid" is the handle the scammer went by on the selly website where I purchased the bot.
EDIT: Here is the virus total analysis. I uploaded the file, but the file had already been uploaded previously so that is the upload date you see. Can any experts kindly tell me the level of worry I should have from these results..?:
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Behold a Pale Bitcoin

The "Government", Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, and the Alt-coin markets.
We are at an interesting point in time in human history. Where we are on the verge of a new way of life via currency. Currency hasn't changed since the first clay tokens of Mesopotamia. Now with Bitcoin we have a new way to go about things. Tokens that are accounted for absolutely and usable absolutely without a centralized authority.
It's seems once again that a great empire is on the decline, the empire of the United States Dollar. The USD is dropping quickly in daily trading volume, while the yuan, and others are on the rise. The problem here is that our system of trade between the countries of the world are entire interdependent upon one another. Similar to the way BTC and LTC are at the top of the crypto charts.
Trust in USD, the markets, and financial instruments is on a steady decline, and is now being floated by lies and manipulation on a global scale. This has become overwhelmingly evident in the past 15 years, with incidents such as the FICO scandal, and the LIBOR scandal. Is this simply just greed, or is there another hand at play? I believe the NSA has been careful to make sure they have been obtaining as much data from the population as to know when to promote or demote a specific agenda. Matters of National Security are most easily quelled by controlling the flow of information. I can assure you this much, that the BTC/USD situation is at the forefront of there attention span.
No worries, Bitcoin to the rescue! It became clear at the debate in November that our government was taking a neutral stance with crypto-currencies, some would even say a positive stance. This interesting because it came after the news that China and Russia had been moving away from trading in USD, and that volume trades in USD were n a steady decline. Bitcoin almost immediately became a last ditch fail safe alternative in case of economic collapse. Shortly after the government had its "talk" about BTC, the rumors about JP Morgan, Sachs, and others entering the market started pouring in.
Finally, Mt. Gox, This fiasco is just simply embarrassing. First lets get it straight. There was never a direct issue with the Bitcoin protocol. It was an issue that effected just a handful of exchanges who ignored issues that had been pointed out before with transaction ID malleability. The key thing here is that Mt. Gox wasn't even using the the official Bitcoin wallet daemon to handle all the transactions. They instead would queue transactions with a transaction ID and then in turn try to process each tx through bitcoind. The problem here is that there was lack luster security exchange side protecting these txids.
THE ONLY FAULT OF BTC, is the lack of evolution in the both the daemon and the QT wallet AKA: We are developing too slowly to keep pace with the rapid adoption of Btc as both a commodity and a currency. These issues that Mt. Gox is experiencing are easily fixed by updating the code on which the exchange runs, This is comparable to if the NASDAQ collapsed due to a few bad algos and trading was suspended. On the flipside the issue could also have been resolved by releasing a more robust version of the daemon and QT wallets.
The manner and volume in which the disinformation was spread indicates other influences at play. The news media seems dead set at fingering the blame on BTC, this would seem silly if it weren't Karpeles that sat at the throne! Since he is in a position of power, and also one of the first people the news media would contact in the event of a failure of the BTC protocol he had an overwhelming effect on the marketplace as a whole.
Co-incidence, I think not!
Ready for more bad news?
If the adoption of the coin in general, but specifically BTC does not happen fast enough, the Corps and Banks will be able to "pull the rug from under our feet". It is essential that we get coins dispersed to as many people as possible whilst not harming the value of the coin in the process. The flipside of this of coarse is that a lot of people who did trust the system to pay out, are now wealthy, and are able to be more prominent influencers, However I don't believe its wise to place our "faith" in those who trusted crypto the most.
This is the double edge sword, Crypto can both be the revolution we crave or the knife to sit on.
Its all about the numbers. 1% - 51%
What about Silkroad....
How do governments fund black Ops? How would one "test" out a new system to launder money? It is best worded as a craigslist style site that skims profit off the top. What a perfect environment for funding of back channel operations.
Silkroad is an indicator that our government knows Bitcoins potential or has already started experimenting with it. This should be everyones indicator to jump on the band wagon before the price goes astro!
That sounds shady, why invest?
Ehh, hell, it's still better than what we have now.
Why U No stabilize markets?
Essentially it is in the best interest of charity, government, exchanges, coin holders, banks, and businesses to keep prices in a state flux, as it is an excellent tool to fuel a growing commodity as a currency or visa versa.

Get ready for the arms race, with coins.

TL;DR Because Bitcoin, Because revolution!
You're all clear, kid, now let's blow this thing and go home!
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