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In case you missed it: Major Crypto and Blockchain News from the week ending 12/14/2018

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r/bitcoin recap - March 2017

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the third monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
Now archived on Bitcoinsnippets.com
As promised, I launched a website as an archive, where I post the version with links to the original posts and discussions so this post doesn't get auto-moderated. Special thanks goes out to Bitttburger for thinking of the name Bitcoin Snippets.
I went back in time and made an overview for December 2016 too. I’ll probably make recaps of 1-2 previous months for each month I progress, so that I eventually end up with everything in a few years.
Starting from this month, I’m going to cut back on including memes, there’s too many and they overtake the interesting news.
A recap of March 2017 in bitcoin
Version with links on Bitcoinsnippets.com
Thanks to everyone who contributed to Bitcoin in a positive way this month!
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Vertcoin is the philosopher's stone of crypto, and those who are ditching it for pre-mined hype coins will soon be back (albeit with a less favorable conversion rate). ADVERSITY=OPPORTUNITY.

You know what's not productive?
"Pandacoin is gonna eat us up"
"Let's go whale hunting, we have to figure out who this big buyer is"
"When Maxcoin crashes, that's our ticket right there"
"The tip bot is down!!!!!!"
This is all reactive silliness. We need to be proactive. For one thing, identifying a big buyer - what does that do for the community? Oooh, it's Big Vern, oooh maybe it's the Winklevoss twins... what is this, the editorial office at some tabloid?
We should be grateful whales are buying up Vertcoin - perhaps they've done research and feel good about the coin. And whether it's 1 VTC or 20,000 VTC, that buyer is putting money behind their prediction, and is making a serious vote of confidence in our little community.
What might these big buyer "whales" know?
The entire alt coin landscape is ripe for consolidation, right now. Litecoin has surprisingly little outreach and buzz for a coin as old as it is, with a market cap second only to Bitcoin itself. And its community is stagnating - we've picked up about a ninth of their total Reddit subscriber amount, and we're only a month and change old.
The fact that we're an anti-ASIC, multi pool resistant version of Litecoin means we will earn the attention of their investors, miners, and users over time. I've said this before, but it's worth repeating in case you missed it: when consumers are asked if they'd prefer the "ASIC resistant" scrypt coin or the "ASIC vulnerable" scrypt coin, no consumer will want the ASIC vulnerable one. This is like how grocery stores have been getting out of control labeling things "gluten free." The other day I noticed bath soap that was advertised as "gluten free" -- good to know in case VTC's price drops so severely I start eating soap. :)
As silly as it is, however, "gluten free" brings us a feeling of comfort.
And what of the other alts? MaxCoin is tied into the following of Max Keiser, a bombastic television anchor at RT in London - he's been a big believer in crypto since day 1 or day 2, but to base a decentralized currency around any man's name is madness. If he has a heart attack, the coin tanks in value. If he loses his TV show, the coin tanks in value. If he says something repulsive or tweets something stupid while he's drinking with his mates at the pub, the coin tanks in value. I'd sooner buy a BieberCoin than a MaxCoin if such a thing existed. Again, not bashing the man for trying something new, only looking at it as an investor - and cult of personality coins aren't for me.
PandaCoin - everything about it rubs me the wrong way, and when the initial gains have been made by speculators, they will be looking for a safer place to put their money. Vertcoin seems like the perfect place for anyone who wants to believe in a coin for the long term and contribute to making that happen.
Ethereum - so far, I have seen no evidence that Ethereum is a threat to anything. It's not a threat to Bitcoin, and it's not a threat to Vertcoin. So far it has seemed like a very clever Phype game. "Ethereum will do this, Ethereum will do that, oh my!" Let's see some fucking code, then, and not just a dodgy kid putting out YouTube videos about how earth shattering his Ethereum will be... I wouldn't trust that guy with my lunch money. Ideas are a dime a dozen in crypto, execution is key.
Of the alts, Vertcoin is the only one I've seen with such credible developers, the only one I've seen go to 2,296 active subscribers on its subreddit in such a short period of time, get listed on so many major exchanges pretty much right out of the gate, constantly talked about on Twitter, and it's not pre mined so our efforts aren't making some bag holder or "Founder" rich beyond his wildest dreams.
There's a lot of money that will be chasing crypto growth this year, in my opinion. Most big investors and funds will go for the safety of BTC, but those in search of higher growth obviously understand they need to go for a coin that is still in the embryonic stages. For Bitcoin to produce a 10x return for a VC fund or wealthy individual investor, it'd have to rocket up to a $80 billion market cap. That same 10x return in Vertcoin would require a market cap of only $40 million.
Add to the mix not pre-mined, ASIC resistance, and all the organic buzz surrounding Vert -- add all that up and you get a coin that is the ideal speculative play for VCs and investors interested in finding the DHL or UPS to Bitcoin's FedEx. There will be other major players in the crypto space, as per the law of requisite variety. Bitcoin won't be "the only coin" that people use, so the question is which will it be? I don't think it will be Litecoin, for the reasons I gave above. I don't think it will be any of the flash in the pan coins or mere Bitcoin clones.
And for big BTC investors, Vertcoin offers the perfect hedge against eventual mining consolidation and higher fees/lower network security.
And our community is just nicer. I fly Virgin America whenever I can because the staff is noticeably nicer and more responsive to requests - they must actually train their staff that "the customer is always right." Compare this to the indifferent, bitter staff I've encountered on some of the older airlines... no way.
Our community is more proactive and friendly than many of the other coins. We get things done. You can't put a price tag on this attribute, but it leads to faster adoption, less problems as we grow, and more innovation.
The tip bot being down [edit- it's now back up] is the perfect opportunity to practice turning adversity into opportunity. Whenever you want to tip someone, get them to download the client (takes 30 seconds) at vertcoin.org and guide them through creating a new address. Have them publicly post their address so you, and others who come across the thread, can tip.
The more Vertcoin addresses people see on Reddit, as long as it's genuine and not spam, the more curiosity there will be surrounding Vertcoin - and more people will get the client, get some coins, begin tipping.
In fact, every setback this community faces - there will be many - should be converted into positive action, convert that adversity into pure opportunity. Tony Robbins has this thing where instead of telling yourself "why is this happening to me?" ask yourself "why is this happening for me?"
Cheesy, but it absolutely works to keep you proactive rather than reactive. Tipbot's down? Great, that happened FOR us, now we can get others to download the client and we can tip directly to people's addresses - the way decentralized currency is supposed to be! Any tipbot is a risk because it's a huge pot of coins for an attacker to target.
Vertcoin's price is down today? Great, that happened FOR us as well, now anyone here who really believes in this community's future - as I do - can buy more. I see speculators and miners unloading their coins as a natural part of any coin's growth - now the coins are getting into the hands of people who really believe in it, and are planning to spend time promoting, developing, and innovating around Vertcoin.
And there are no bosses in this magical land of Verta. Want to develop a new [feature X] for Vertcoin? Guess what, you've got that job. Go do it. You don't need to seek approval from the HR manager or the CEO or the board.
Want to deal with some spam and clean up the community a bit? Job's all yours.
Want to help draft a press release and send it to members of the media? Congrats, you're now on the publicity team for Vertcoin.
Want to take a couple weeks off from Vertcoin? Feel free to do so, everyone here comes and goes as they please.
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The Winklevoss twins talk Bitcoin futures and fears Winklevoss Brothers Reveal Plans For Bitcoin Trust Winklevoss twins explain why Bitcoin is better than gold Winklevoss Twins Invest in Bitcoin Winklevoss Twins Double Their Fortunes by Staying True to Bitcoin

The Winklevoss twins are the world’s first bitcoin billionaires. The twins have invested and reaped a 10,000 per cent rise in the cryptocurrency. Winklevoss Twins Plan NASDAQ Listing for Bitcoin ETF in New SEC Filing. 08/09/2019. A new regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are planning to have their Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust exchange traded fund (ETF) listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. If the SEC gives its final approval, investors will be able to buy into the ... Fast forward to the end of 2017, the year Bitcoin became mainstream and incredibly valuable. By the start of 2018, one Bitcoin was worth about $14,000 — making the Winklevoss twins Bitcoin billionaires. In the first months of 2018, it slid back to $6,000 to $7,000 a coin, a precipitous fall but still an impressive return on their investment ... The Winklevoss twins have come forward in favor of crypto regulation despite the recent price tank in the market. The billionaire co-founders of the crypto exchange Gemini, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (the Winklevoss twins) are also still hopeful for a quick market recovery.. Expressing their views in an interview with Fortune, they also discussed comparisons of Bitcoin to gold, believing ... Fast forward to the end of 2017, the year Bitcoin became mainstream and incredibly valuable. By the start of 2018, one Bitcoin was worth about $14,000 — making the Winklevoss twins Bitcoin billionaires. In the first months of 2018, it slid back to $6,000 to $7,000 a coin, a precipitous fall but still an impressive return on their investment ...

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The Winklevoss twins talk Bitcoin futures and fears

Bitcoin Investment Plan: Ride the Great Coming Wave 23,754 views. 1:04:30 . Winklevoss Twins Back in Social Network Game - Duration: 11:58. Wall Street Journal 11,542 views. 11:58. World's Most ... April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Dominic Chu reports the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler, are major players in Bitcoin, owning a nearly an $11 million ... Winklevoss Twins Double Their Fortunes by Staying True to Bitcoin ... Inside a Bitcoin mine that earns $70K a day - Duration: 5:09. Digital Trends 1,153,835 views. 5:09. The Winklevoss twins lost ... Great description of what Bitcoin is and why it's valuable. If you are struggling with what bitcoin is and why is useful and valuable this is a must watch. The Winklevoss twins do a fantastic job ... Bitcoin is the FUTURE of MONEY! To JOIN: http://www.BitClubPro.com SKYPE: netglobalusa